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Delivering Better Meeting Outcomes with Minutes & Tasks Management

Featuring OnBoard CEO Paroon Chadha & General Counsel Adarsh Mantravadi

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What’s the one finite resource you can’t get back? Time.

Board meetings represent the most valuable time in any board-led organization but for too many teams, these meetings are overloaded with unimportant information.

Watch Paroon Chadha, co-founder and CEO of OnBoard, guide you through best practices on making your next meeting more productive and effective.

A dynamic, experienced leader and software creator with more than 10 years’ board management experience, Chadha shows how to run a board meetings that meets your strategic objectives.

In this 45-minute session, you’ll learn:

  • Meeting minutes best practices we at OnBoard have incorporated
  • Using OnBoard Tasks for achieving effective follow through after the board meeting
  • How taking meticulous minutes helps avoid undue liability
  • Insights we’ve learned during our board meetings, with specific examples of how you can elevate your hybrid board meetings

Who is this webinar for?

Successful, effective board meetings are a team effort, and every element of board work can be optimized. This interactive session will be a learning opportunity for anyone who relies on effective board meetings, including:

  • CEOs & Leadership
  • Directors & Board Members
  • Administrative Support Staff

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