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In Conversation With Deborah Gibson, Ontario Chiropractic Association
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Navigating the widespread impacts of the pandemic has affected associations of every size and mission. It's brought about a new era of business as unusual — one that requires new thinking and a new set of tools.

On December 8 at 2:00pm ET, join Deborah Gibson, from the Ontario Chiropractic Association and OnBoard's Joey Roy, in this hands-on session exploring a modern governance platform that's helped associations around the world navigate this turbulent era. See first-hand how OnBoard can help your leaders, directors, and committees improve meeting preparation, reimagine engagement, and bolster governance.

  • Gain insight on why associations like ASAE trust OnBoard for their governance needs
  • Learn how OnBoard helps create more effective meetings
  • How modern governance tools can be used to drive better board & committee engagement.
  • See the platform in action, including the built-in Zoom integration.
  • Learn about our special OnBoard Recovery Offer.

  • Save your spot today for a unique opportunity to learn about OnBoard Virtual Board Meeting Management Solution first-hand.

    Meet Our Speaker

    Deborah Gibson

    Deborah Gibson
    Office Manager, Ontario Chiropractic Association

    Deborah Gibson is currently the Office Manager at the Ontario Chiropractic Association where she has worked for over 10 years. She is also seasoned board professional with a strong administrative background who has put together thousands of board materials through her work in current and previous positions.

    Ontario Chiropractic Association

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