Board Assessments

Assessments set the foundation for your boards future and helps your team develop priorities that strengthen the organisation’s governance performance and practices. Whether that comes in the form of an annual board assessment, a committee assessment, or CEO evaluation, it’s a powerful way to continuously improve board performance with actionable results.

Discover Actionable Insights

Assessments empower boards to measure their performance against the organisation’s goals.

Data Visualization

Anonymous Feedback

Templates Made By Experts

Real-Time Progress Tracking

Expert Templates

Leverage pre-built assessment templates, crafted by governance experts without the expense. Customisable assessment criteria offers the flexibility to assess and evaluate not only boards, but committees and CEOs too.

Gather Honest, Open Feedback

All feedback is gathered anonymously, creating insights into board performance based on candor and authenticity.

Assessment results
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Create Actionable Results

Let’s face it: Sending, receiving, and analysing assessments is time-consuming. Board Assessments from OnBoard make the process faster and easier from start to finish. Once the results are in, insightful data visualisations enable focused analysis for smarter, more informed decision-making for your board’s future.

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Board Assessments Feature Overview

Board assessments and evaluations create the opportunity for boards to evaluate their performance against the ever-growing list of board responsibilities and obligations. But, what’s the most effective way to deploy a board assessment?

Watch this interactive conversation on the importance of board assessments, how to define evaluation objectives, and how to turn your next assessment into a road map for improved governance.

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