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How Technology Impacts Boards: Results from OnBoard's 2022 Board Effectiveness Survey

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The last three years represent a sea change moment as boards and their leaders rapidly accelerated their adoption of technology in light of the pandemic.  

As boards continue to embrace new approaches to meeting and collaborating in 2022 and beyond a question remains: Has the rapid adoption of technology created more effective and collaborative boards?  

With responses from more than 600 board leaders across the globe in nearly every category of business, this year’s survey serves as a benchmark for the future of board effectiveness and digital adoption of technology.  

In this session 

  • How tech-enabled boards perform in key areas, including effectiveness, security, and collaboration  
  • Key takeaways that enable boards to lead change management with directors and stakeholders and adopt digital technology that fosters increased collaboration 
  • Benchmarks and data points that every board must capture and analyze to keep pace and stay competitive 
  • Insights into how the survey data insights align with what board leaders are experiencing firsthand 

Who is this webinar for?

Successful, effective board meetings are a team effort, and every element of board work can be optimized. This interactive session will be a learning opportunity for anyone who relies on effective board meetings, including:

  • CEOs & Leadership
  • Directors & Board Members
  • Administrative Support Staff

Meet The Speaker

Jennifer McNealey, CFO, Codex DNA

Jennifer I. McNealey has served as Chief Financial Officer at Codex DNA since March 2021. Ms. McNealey is an experienced board member and audit committee member, with a demonstrated history of investment in the Biotechnology Industry.

Ms. McNealey currently serves as a member of the board of directors of Antibe Therapeutics, Inc. She received a B.A. and an M.H.A. from Cornell University.

RB Webinar

Rashmi Bijai, VP of Revenue Marketing, OnBoard

Rashmi Bijai is the Vice President of Marketing at OnBoard. She is responsible for all go-to-market and marketing functions including brand & corporate marketing, demand generation, product marketing & sales enablement.

Before joining Passageways, she worked at Capgemini for 4 years in Asia and Europe. Her experience in the SaaS industry spans various functions including customer relationship management, delivery management, project management, and product development.

She has an undergraduate degree from Mumbai University and an MBA from the Krannert School of Management.


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