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Leveraging Your Board in Times of Crisis

With Experts Angela White, JGA and Andy Davis, Boardsource

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The on-demand webinar we discuss how you can leverage your board’s strengths and enhance your organization’s ability to hear different perspectives to arrive at better solutions.

As we move into the next phase of the crisis, open and productive board discussions are vital now more than ever. Challenges of the magnitude we are currently facing should not be left to the CEO and organization to face alone but require active collaboration by the board to support strategic decision-making and the implementation of difficult steps that may be necessary until some sense of certainty is reestablished.

We were joined by Angela White, CEO and Senior Consultant at JGA Associates along with Andy Davis, Associate Vice President of Membership Education and Outreach, Boardsource to discuss:
• How you can effectively gather your board’s expertise and input in a fast-moving environment.
• How you can encourage your board members to have honest and productive discussions, especially in a virtual environment.
• How leaders can manage discussions so they help both your organization and board members grow.
Angela E. White

Angela E. White

Angela is the CEO at Johnson Grossnickle Associations, and has been instrumental in JGA’s success since 1996. Angela has a high level of expertise in philanthropic consulting in healthcare, education, social services, arts, and faith-based organizations.

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