How The Best Boards Are Made – Part 2

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How The Best Boards Are Made – Part 2

With Expert Denise Kuprionis

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In this recorded webinar Denise Kuprionis, Founder of The Governance Solutions Group (GSG), discussed how to develop a board of directors that will give your organization a competitive edge.

By utilizing a board assessments, director evaluations, and skills matrixes, Denise teaches you how you can optimize your board composition and effectiveness. 

Watch this session, where we:

• How to identify the competencies and skills that will make your board a strategic board
• How the skills matrix will prepare directors to make better decisions about board composition
• How to create a director self-assessment
• How to evaluate your boards effectiveness

Denise Kuprionis

Founder, The Governance Solutions Group

Denise Kuprionis founded The Governance Solutions Group (GSG), as a way to share her 25+ years’ experience inside the corporate boardroom.  Her unique sense of board dynamics enables collaboration and consensus.

Denise is a former officer and member of the senior management team of a publicly traded media company where her extensive successes were a result of effectively leading and adapting during transformative times.

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