Shorter and More Productive Remote Meetings

OnBoard For Virtual Meetings

As we’ve moved to virtual meetings, everything seems harder.  That’s where OnBoard comes in. A powerful SaaS solution that improves communication and helps you avoid app overload.

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Why Are Virtual Meetings So Hard?

We've Replaced Human Connection
With Zoom Calls

So It Became Harder To Stay Organized, Engaged, and Collaborative

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And We’re Overloaded With Too Many Apps That Weren’t Meant For This

Because Being Apart Causes Communication Breakdown

We Help With

Chat, Video Conferencing, And News

OnBoard increases the frequency and quality of communication. Enabling communication and collaboration outside of meetings.

OnBoard Works like


OnBoard Communication Features

OnBoard Messenger

Video Conference Integrations

News & Announcements

Because It's Harder Than Ever To Stay Organized, Engaged, and Collaborative

We Help With

Notes, Tasks, & Analytics

OnBoard helps teams stay on track and be better prepared to collaborate when the virtual meeting starts. 

OnBoard Works like

One Note Gray

OnBoard Advanced Preparation Tools

Meeting Engagement Analytics

Shareable Notes & Annotations

Task Management

Get Started With OnBoard

Because You Feel Less Productive Even Though Your Meetings Are Longer

We Help With

eSignatures, Voting, & Surveys

OnBoard enables teams to make decisions, gather feedback, and execute responsibilities outside meetings. That means when meetings start, you can focus on the big decisions.

OnBoard Works like


OnBoard Decision-Making Tools


Secure Voting & Approval

Surveys and Questionnaires

Because Document Management is a Nightmare When You're Remote

We Help With

Unlimited Storage and VPN Access

OnBoard provides unlimited storage for every document, report, and file. A Completely secure platform that doesn’t require a VPN.

OnBoard Works like

OnBoard Centralize All Business Materials & Resources

Unlimited Documents & Storage

Always Up To Date Version Control

VPN-Free Access

Being Remote Makes Security Your Responsibility

We Help With

Microsoft Azure Security

OnBoard’s a Microsoft Silver Partner and our security is built on Microsoft Azure.

OnBoard is Secure & Compliant

Security FA
Virtual Meeting Toolkit Dark Cover

Virtual Meeting Toolkit

This virtual meeting toolkit provides executive leaders and board members – especially those new to working virtually – with best practices and insights on running effective and productive virtual board meetings.

Topics Covered

Best Practices for Moving to Virtual Board Meetings

How to Keep Virtual Attendees Engaged and On Track

How a Deficit of Body Language Cues Impacts Virtual Meetings

A Complete Checklist for running an Effective Virtual Meeting