Remote Governance

You’re two hours into a meeting that’s still covering routine actions while retracing conversations you’ve already had. You’d be correct to think that the meeting could have moved onto more valuable discussions had all this work just been accomplished outside of the meeting.

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make decisions, & execute responsibilities outside of meetings

OnBoard enables teams to reach consensus, make decisions, and execute responsibilities outside of meetings. Powerful decision-making tools like Voting, eSignatures, and Surveys help leaders take real-time action from anywhere.


Don't Wait for Your Next Meeting to Make Important Decisions

Govern from the comfort of your own home. Equipped with a secure platform to review and start a conversation about any pending vote, signature, or action, OnBoard gives you the power to instantly execute contracts, sign agreements, and govern from anywhere.

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Accomplish More Outside of Meetings

When you accomplish more outside of meetings, it makes your board meetings more valuable. Instead of spending time on routine matters, you can quickly dive into long-term discussions.

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Information Management From Anywhere

Effective Remote Governance is only possible because you can manage and distribute information from anywhere. Take minutes, distribute meeting materials, assign actions, gather feedback, manage tasks, and execute on your responsibilities all without the need for a VPN. OnBoard takes the headache out of remote work.

Remote Approvals Drive Anywhere Governance at Sturgis

“I’m approving loans on Saturday morning while I’m having my coffee, or on Sunday night while sitting on the couch. I don’t have 50 loans to pick up and take care of on Tuesday because we’ve had those approved during the week. That increases turnaround time and increases our productivity.”


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