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Making Your Email SecureThe concept of insurance, mitigating risk, stretches back to a period where traders would shelter their cargo upon multiple ships so as to avoid a single accident leading to outright disaster. They knew that one weak link was sufficient for catastrophe. We still all intuitively know this, we hedge our everyday bets, insure against the unexpected, and act with caution in the face of the unknown. With time our systems for mitigating risk have evolved and grown in scale and importance. Today, to grow a successful business, leaders know they need a solid business plan that includes strategies for dealing with the unexpected.

As our technological capacity to conduct business anywhere has become ubiquitous, so too has the risk expanded in the inherent architecture of those devices. Unsecured communications continue to pose a threat every business that choose to ignore those vulnerabilities. Email remains particularly weak, inviting attacks including: spoofing, phishing, malware, viruses, breaches in privacy, and leaked trade secrets. When communications are compromised the cost can rapidly cascade; whether its damaged infrastructure, mounting labor costs required to reverse the damage, or leaked private information that makes it way to the dark web. Unsecured email is, frankly, gambling with your business. We aren’t the only ones who believe this, check out what Digital Trends had to say on the topic of email security.

These risks can be eliminated by using a different, innovative, method of communication, a product with a built in insurance policy. OnBoard reduces the risk to this sensitive information as a secure board portal solution that all organizations can rely upon. Onboard is a product that provides security, coupled with an expansive array of tools to increase productivity and organization.

OnBoard provides administrators

Secure Infrastructure OnBoard is built in a secure infrastructure. This is vital to the overall protection of your data. This protects against physical and cyber attacks against the system. As an adding layer of protection we encrypt and check-sum the data.
Secure Distribution OnBoard provides encrypted and check-summed data to ensure privacy and integrity while in transit.
Remote Purge OnBoard give you the option to immediately purge the data from the iPad. We have options to protect your data no matter the situation
Data control OnBoard gives administrators the ability to control access to the information using a discretionary access model for fine grained permissions.OnBoard also limits the ability for users to forward or print the sensitive corporate information

OnBoard provides users

Confidence OnBoard provides the user the latest copy of the materials instantly. No longer do you worry about which version you are reviewing. It is always the correct one.
Convenience OnBoard doesn’t require an internet connection for users to read their board materials. Offline access to these materials give users the ability to work where and when they decide too, with all the necessary annotation tools to complete the review. And all of your work synchronizes when internet connections are reestablished.
Efficiency OnBoard gives you an organized solution outlined in a logical format. This organizes all your board information in a chronological order and also organizes other information (Bylaws, announcements, notifications etc.).

OnBoard is an easy to use product that possess immense organizational power while streamlining your board materials. More importantly, it is secure so your sensitive data is protected both online and off. It is the policy you need. We allow you to concentrate on growing your business while we protect your most sensitive information. But don’t take our word. Sign up for a free trial today at Passageways.com

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