PowWOW 2018: The Passageways Family Makes Amazing Memories

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That’s a wrap on PowWOW 2018. Indianapolis was wonderful, despite the sudden onset of cold weather (something we are unfortunately accustomed to here in Indiana). But best of all, we were surrounded by great people. We did what we have always done at PowWOW: we learned, gathered feedback, networked, gave awards to our incredible customers, and explored our host city. You can see the entire Facebook Album Here. Here’s a quick rundown of PowWOW 2018.

Passageways Customers Learning at Passageways University


University classes in action


We Learned

We opened PowWOW this year with Passageways University classes. Two-days of hands-on classroom-style training sessions where they shared new ideas and had the opportunity to learn from each other.

It was a remarkable two days where education, passion, and focus came together to create an environment that allowed our customers to gain essential skills and knowledge. They utilized the expertise of our Pathfinders to help set and reach goals both for themselves and their organizations – and that’s why it’s a PowWOW tradition.

Kevin’s Wanzer: PowWOW 2018 keynote speaker


Passageways customers and staff share a laugh


We Laughed

The first day of PowWOW opened with a laugh (actually a few dozen), all thanks to our speaker Kevin’s Wanzer’s arrestingly funny and affecting keynote. His contagiously-positive, unforgettable message brought us together – through laughter – with essential and straightforward wisdom that we won’t soon forget.

Kevin set the tone for the entire conference. Kicking PowWOW off with an excitement that fueled every breakout sessions and Bestie presentation that followed. He made sure the morning was filled with joy, bringing us together to share a laugh before our packed schedules.

Paroon Chadha, Passageways Co-Founder and CEO


Anne Wertz Deno Passageways OnSemble Product Manager and Vice President PowWOW 2018
Anne Wertz Deno Passageways Vice President & OnSemble Product Manager


David Alder Passageways Senior Director of Product OnBoard PowWOW 2018
David Alder, Passageways Senior Director of Product, OnBoard


We Saw the Future

Following Kevin’s keynote, Passageways Co-Founder and CEO Paroon Chadha took the stage and talked about Passageways past and future – where we’ve been and where we are going. From Passageways dorm room origins to the creation of OnBoard, Paroon walked the passageways family through our story – and how that history lights the path we are currently on. It’s been a big year here at Passageways, from our recent investment to crossing the 1000th customer mark, Paroon touched on these milestones and more before turning the stage over to Passageways Product Managers.

Anne Wertz Deno, OnSemble’s product manager, presented groundbreaking enhancements coming to OnSemble, including new design tools that make OnSemble’s drag and drop page creator even easier. Her team’s goal was to expand flexibility while reducing complexity. She demonstrated the capacity to build pages with the new grid system: showing how OnSemble apps seamlessly snap to the new design tools.

David Alder, OnBoard’s Product Manager, presented the future of OnBoard and board governance. He delved into OnBoard’s new packages, explaining how value is not created by features but overall function. How OnBoard’s services drive better collaboration, governance, and global administration, and how the new packages bundle these services in a smart and intuitive way. David wrapped up the OnBoard keynote explaining his teams drive for the next year will be about making meetings more valuable through smart reporting, smart notifications, and a more intelligent board book reader.

All Bestie Winners PowWOW 2018
PowWOW 2018 Bestie Winners
PowWOW 2018 Luminary Award
Sarah Steele Sharing a hug with Lisa Hopton after receiving a Luminary Award


We Gave Awards

Our Bestie’s awards are always a highlight as our customers find remarkable ways to increase their ROI, design awesome pages, and raise employee productivity. The Bestie award ceremony is the stage for a celebration and recognition of the best of the best. Plus, there’s a great meal and the joy in sharing in each other’s accomplishments.

This year’s presentations were the best we have ever seen – the most creative redesigns, the most amazing implementations, and the most impressive innovations. Congratulations to every 2018 Bestie Nominee and a special shout out to our winners: American Airiness Credit Union for Best Innovation, First Northern Bank of Wyoming for Best Implementation, and Christian Financial Credit Union for best re-launch!

PowWOW 2018 Red Carpet
Paroon Chadha, Anne Wertz, Stephanie Scott, Rick AmRhein


PowWOW 2018 Red Carpet
PowWOW Red Carpet: Courtney Felt, Sarah Bergmanson, Olga Maystruk, Cameron Campbell


PowWOW 2018 Red Carpet
Bestie Winners First Northern Bank of Wyoming


We Celebrated

What makes PowWOW Truly special is the time we share with each other. From the red-carpet ceremony to the Bestie Award dinner through to after-hours at Indianapolis nightlife, we got to meet new people, see old friends, and experience of the magic of PowWOW together.

To everyone who attended PowWOW, thank you so much for coming. For those who missed it, know that you were sincerely missed.

We can’t wait to see you all again in 2019!

The Passageways Team


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