Passageways Partners with SAS to Enhance Board Planning Process

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WEST LAFAYETTE, IN, July 12, 2011 — Passageways, the leading provider of collaborative portal solutions for financial institutions, announced today that it has created a partnership with Strategic Arts and Sciences, a global strategic planning and board training firm. The partnership calls for Passageways to provide its portal platform with tools for implementing Strategic Arts and Science’s proven strategic planning philosophies – which it has provided to several hundred organizations worldwide over last decade. The goal of the partnership is to have every planning session end with convenient access to a portal created for internalizing the planning process for use by an organization’s management team and board.

Working with Passageways, Strategic Arts and Sciences will have an ideal means to make the planning process more streamlined and cost effective – eliminating costly paper documents, which don’t allow for a collaborative process. In turn, Strategic Arts and Sciences will provide all its content to any Passageways customer interested in using its portals for enhanced strategic planning.

According to Strategic Arts and Sciences CEO, Randy Harrington, his planning solution, coupled with Passageways tools, will keep an organization’s strategy and the dialogue around it “alive” within the portal system. Says Harrington, “We know that business models have changed for everyone over the past few years – and as a result, it is more important than ever for strategic planning to be an ongoing process instead of an isolated event. This solution will help you see drive that strategic process well after the session has ended.” For example, the planning solution created by Strategic Arts and Sciences and hosted by Passageways will help boards and management teams track their company’s progress, adapt their plans when necessary, and measure the growth indicators that matter most to their strategies.

According to Paroon Chadha, Co-Founder and Vice President of Passageways, Passageways brings several industry leading tools for board and management planning, such as its dashboards and board portal solutions. “Strategic planning needs tools to ‘internalize’ the process and our portal provides those for enhanced accessibility and communication,” Chadha says.

The two companies, which have a long history working together, also plan to share the industries they serve – financial and healthcare – for additional business opportunities.

“After working together in the past, we definitely see a culture match between our organizations,” says Chadha. “We believe this partnership will make a big impact on our respective industries through our joint offerings.”

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