Introducing Task Management

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  • May 22, 2020
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OnBoard Tasks Smaller

Introducing OnBoard Task Management

OnBoard Tasks is now live  and is already helping boards and leadership teams be more action-orientated and effective. OnBoard Tasks can be used throughout the entire meeting cycle and creates an additional tool for regular collaboration outside of meetings. This feature provides the ability to clarify ownership of action items and provides visibility on these items.

Board members and leaders know all too well that it is frustrating when items aren’t seeing forward movement, or the ownership of tasks is unclear. It can also be hard to keep track of tasks from meeting to the next without a formal solution. In a recent survey of customers, nearly 80% of boards or leadership teams did not have a current solution for task management, or they only relied exclusively on email reminders. With this in mind, we are excited for users to use this scalable, easy to use task-management solution to drive their boards forward. It helps create clear action items for all users — resulting in more effective boards and leadership meetings

We know that organizations use OnBoard in a variety of ways and have designed OnBoard Tasks with flexibility in mind. OnBoard Tasks is designed to allow tasks to be associated with groups or meetings, assigned to multiple users, and categorized based on priority.

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A few ways boards and leadership teams can utilize OnBoard Tasks include:  

Pre-meeting preparations. In the real world, preparing for strategic leadership or board meetings requires that various team members upload items for the board book, provide resources, or even launch surveys and approvals. Now with Tasks, assigning tasks to address specific preparations is easy and can be done in-line with the agenda creation.  

In Meeting Task Assignments: Meetings can often be a whirlwind — utilizing OnBoard Tasks during the meetings to capture any follow-ups or actions can help ensure nothing is missed and a clear owner is identified for all action items.  

Personal Organization: The great thing is that Tasks can be used by individuals to manage their board or leadership-related tasks. Regardless of how the broader team handles task management, users can assign themselves tasks and manage all of their to-do’s directly within OnBoard. 

Users can create, assign, and complete tasks both from the web and on our robust OnBoard mobile apps. We have also implemented intelligent emails that alert users when tasks are assigned to them and provide a daily summary email that highlights any due or overdue tasks. We are excited to see all the ways that our customers use

Tasks and the difference this feature makes in how their boards and teams work — we invite you to sign up for a free trial of OnBoard as well to experience this new feature along with the rest of the OnBoard platform.  

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