OnBoard Product Updates: October 2021

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  • November 1, 2021
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You spoke, OnBoard listened. Check out some of the innovative updates OnBoard is introducing to make boards more informed, effective, and uncomplicated.  

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to push board meetings to a virtual format, our customers have told us what they’d like to see in their board management software. As they continue to meet virtually or in a hybrid format, they’ve encountered unforeseen circumstances that sometimes complicate their meetings. They’ve let us know how we could help.

From better meeting feedback options to digitally transforming the boardroom, we listened to what you wanted. Then, we put those suggestions into action.

Throughout 2021, OnBoard’s product and development teams have been busy bringing new innovations to life. Meeting feedback options, Single Sign-On (SSO), and calendar integration are the top features we’ve made available to OnBoard subscribers. Let’s look at each feature.

How Meeting Feedback Bolsters Board Effectiveness

Most boards have always collected feedback about board meetings, but it’s generally anecdotal. But if you don’t remember the verbal suggestions, or lost that notepad where you wrote down suggestions, you can’t access it. More importantly, no one else can access that important information easily, if at all.

You use feedback in every meaningful facet of your life, from rating music to movies to your ride-sharing experience to the cleanliness of the airport bathroom. Why wouldn’t you want to value and store valuable feedback from your fellow board members about your meetings?

OnBoard’s ground-breaking Meeting Feedback feature creates a continuous feedback loop to help improve your meetings. Users can rate their meetings anonymously and provide valuable feedback in the form of open-ended comments and suggestions for improvement.

Creating this feedback loop sets the stage for boards to improve their effectiveness more quickly. With recorded, organized, measurable feedback, you make it easier to improve your board. Your board can turn the experiences recorded in that feedback into data, which will inform and improve your board’s decision-making.

The pandemic accelerated the adoption of virtual meetings and digital board management options. Now that we’re well into our second year of this “new normal,” it’s time to take full advantage of everything digital board management platforms can offer, and chart a future using board intelligence.

Meeting Feedback

A More Secure Boardroom

According to an annual IBM security report, the average data breach in the U.S. costs $8.64 million. No board wants to be the next victim.

OnBoard’s Single Sign-On (SSO) feature bolsters data security while ensuring meetings start hassle-free. It enhances Security Assessment and Markup Language (SAML) and Office of International Cooperation and Development (OICD) protocols. SSO is available for OneLogin and Okta, which is one of the leading SSO providers.

SSO update

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Calendar Integration

We’ve all been there. We have a personal calendar, and we have a work-focused calendar (and sometimes more). We zero in on one aspect of our lives or another and miss an appointment or deadline because the other calendar wasn’t front-of-mind at the time.

OnBoard’s Calendar Integration feature helps to alleviate those circumstances. The tool enables board members to:

  • Sync your OnBoard calendar with your primary calendar
  • RSVP to meetings through your primary calendar
  • Works with Microsoft Outlook, Office 365, Exchange, Google, and Apple calendars


These options offer more convenience for busy board directors and members, so they can stay on top of important board business while still tending to life’s other demands … and it’s one more way OnBoard’s board management software serves as a holistic source of truth and a system of record for boards and all their members.

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