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Congratulations to everyone for an amazing PowWow 2015! I am proud of the entire Passageways team for this great event. Thank you to our customers, who make this all possible with their passion, friendship and the push to do more.

This past May, Passageways had the pleasure of hosting our customers and partners in Indianapolis for our 11th annual conference on collaboration, PowWow 2015. Over those eleven years, we watched a dynamic shift in how organizations and their employees work through challenges towards a common set of goals. The new landscape requires new tools and processes to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their organizations. Board rooms drive this direction for each and every employee. Mobility and cloud technologies are the way forward, and we continue to power the market with these new tools.

Passageways embraces the cloud and mobile web to help each one of our customers’ businesses reach their goals and beyond. We know that collaboration is highly situational, and we design our solutions to give businesses the flexibility and power to execute their strategic vision to succeed.

A key highlight for me was revealing the work that our team of Pathfinders created for our customers. We are fortunate that several team members personally attended. Their interaction listening to first-hand accounts of customer scenarios will steer our teams in the future.

OnBoard Keynote Speaker at PowWOW

For OnBoard, Passageways’ product designed for board meetings, our team took the covers off all of the power that is right around the corner. This comes from months of listening to the market and customers to understand the problems faced by boards before, during, and after their meetings. This helps our team design innovative solutions to address the challenges facing all organizations, big or small, with a board that guides them.

We announced these product innovations at Thursday’s Keynote:

Record keeping – Tools to manage past meetings and all associated information.

Meeting management – Organize the agendas with presenters and allocated durations right down to the agenda item.

Effective and Efficient Workflows – New layouts and workflows designed to give you more information with less effort.

Usage based ROI visualization – OnBoard will now calculate pages and trees saved by your organizations.

With these new tools administrators and directors will have more information to prepare for their meetings. The additional information OnBoard gives directors the ability to have better discussions, drive outcomes during the meeting, and eliminate the need to spend valuable time in review. This leads to better, faster outcomes that move their organizations towards their goals. Collaboration, communication, and decisions all converge to drive business from the top toward their best results.


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