• By: Jenni Burton
  • July 13, 2020
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We are always looking for ways to help make our customers’ meetings more efficient and productive. With that in mind, we’re excited to offer a sneak peek at the first of a series of Intelligent Notifications scheduled to roll out for the OnBoard platform in the near future.

Productive, forward-looking meetings do not start when the meeting begins. They start weeks in advance with a pre-meeting materials review. Also, completing approvals, eSignatures, and surveys before a meeting allows for some process-focused agenda items to be mostly or entirely completed, opening up precious meeting time for meatier discussions and decisions. It’s simple: the more time your attendees have for pre-meeting materials review and discussions, the more effective and strategic your actual meeting will be.

Taking Pre-Meeting Preparation to the Next Level

Many of our customers have already been successfully leveraging OnBoard for this pre-meeting preparation by using OnBoard Tasks to manage, organize, and track their important action items. But our team felt there was still an opportunity to help users take their pre-meeting preparation to the next level using a tool they already know very well: email.

The Meeting Brief Email is an intelligent email that alerts attendees when they are invited to a meeting and then coaches them on what next steps they need to take to prepare. Attendees learn from a second email about any outstanding action items they need to complete, and the meeting materials still left to review. These emails also provide insight into meeting materials receiving strong engagement from their peers, allowing users to ensure they are well-read and prepared on these agenda sections and topics.

In addition to these meaningful insights, the Meeting Brief emails also serve the equally critical functional purposes of confirming the time, location, and attendees RSVP status for the meeting. With so many people scattered and meeting virtually these days, having all this in one place is just another small way we’re helping meeting attendees stay prepared.

Helping Make Your Meetings More Efficient and Productive

Scheduled for release in the near future, the Meeting Brief will be available to all OnBoard users. It is just the first of a series of Intelligent Notifications we plan to roll out for the OnBoard platform as we continually offer ways to help make your meetings more efficient and productive.

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Jenni Burton
Jenni Burton
Jenni Burton is the Product Marketing Manager for OnBoard. A forward-thinking professional with an unwavering dedication to customers and their success, Jenni brings nearly 15 years of experience and expertise to the table at Passageways. Previous career stints included leading roles at Pattern89, ClearScholar, Herff Jones, Simon Property Group, Compendium, and Johnson & Johnson.