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Academy Awards
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Oscars - Academy AwardsThe Academy Awards is a great time of year. Americans and people around the world honor and celebrate great storytellers and their achievements from the past year. To me, movies are a great source of entertainment, taking audiences on amazing visual journeys. And exceptional movies are rewarded with nominations and for the coveted Oscar trophy.

This past year, one story caught my attention, but for a different reason. It was the story of how these movies are being created, with the use of software from one company, Avid. The Product Manager in me loves to learn how things go from a simple idea to finished product. Learning about their development process, and what I can do to make my products better, is a learning opportunity I never pass up. Developers, writers, directors, editors and production teams now leverage these cloud based tools, and it results in the amazing movies sweeping the Oscars.

So what does Avid really solve?

Avid and its suite of powerful tools that are designed to create compelling stories quickly, efficiently, and collaboratively. This is a mantra that Passageways also holds near to the vest. But Avid also solved the business problem of working anywhere, on content that must be secured, with tools that are easy to use, resulting in award winning content. That is the value proposition that Avid delivers on to its customers.

Why is this relevant?

This is a massive pivot in an old-school industry.  The adoption of this cloud based technology for a process that used to be done on the cutting room floor is game changing. This industry works to fight online piracy and illegal distribution every day. And now collaborating and building the business model using that vary same technology – the cloud.

There is a business driver for this change. Traditional movie studios realized that speed to market and product quality has to be on the forefront of everyone’s mind given how the digital content ecosystem is evolving.

Once again here is the parallel connection to our world. The benefit of our secure purpose built solution allows administrators to work with their team collaboratively when creating the board book.  The team creates, edits, and collaborates from anywhere in the world.  The other design tenant is security. By allowing access of this content with an explicit permission grant you are confident that your board materials are only visible to those you intend.

If an industry that was so threatened by the onset of the internet and online piracy can now embrace cloud based collaboration and distribution, so too can your boardroom.

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