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Why Board Intelligence Matters

Boards set the standard for what organizations can achieve. At OnBoard, we help boards function at a higher level so every organization can make a bigger difference in the world.

Why We’re Here

Minute for minute, boards have a greater impact than any other team in an organization. But, while technology has transformed virtually every aspect of modern work, the boardroom and the practices that surround it are still beholden to pre-digital systems and processes. We’re here to change that. With a solution that makes it easier to coordinate, communicate, and collaborate, boards are free to focus on realizing their ambitions for the organizations they govern.

It’s this goal, to help leaders lead more effectively that guides our vision, our team, and our product.

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How We Do It

Anticipate Challenges

We anticipate the challenges boards and leadership teams will face, working together with directors, executives, and administrators to meet their needs as they grow and change.

Accelerate Decisions

We accelerate the ability of boards to shape the future of their organizations by removing friction and complexity from their work, so every decision is as informed and effective as possible.

Advocate For Collaboration

We advocate a more collaborative world, using the latest technology and boldest thinking to expand what’s possible for organizations to achieve, one team—and one meeting—at a time.

Where We Started

Passageways, the parent company of OnBoard, was founded on the campus of Purdue University in 2003. We’re an inclusive organization that strives to provide world-class software, service, security, and support. Today we serve more than 2,000 organizations and their 12,000 boards and committees in 32 countries worldwide. 

What We Value

In Sanskrit, Sahyog is a concept that means “culture of togetherness.” From leadership on down, our culture is defined by that principle of collaboration. It drives us to hold ourselves and each other accountable for a high level of creativity and excellence and demands genuine transparency. Our passion for solving problems and taking bold action helps us be better partners to our colleagues, our customers, and our community.

Who We Are

We’re an inclusive, diverse group of technologists and board management experts, motivated by a desire to make the world work better. We believe that honesty and openness fuel innovation, that success is a group effort, and that every setback is an opportunity to learn and improve. If you’re ready to get on board, check out our open positions all around the globe.

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How We Give Back

Our belief in collaboration goes deeper than our business. We’re committed to channeling our expertise and resources to building a stronger community, both locally and around the globe. That’s why we joined Pledge 1%—a movement to inspire individuals and companies to share their success with nonprofits. By coming together to participate in something larger than ourselves, we can build a more equitable world that works better for everyone.

Join The Team

We have job openings all over the world. Join the OnBoard team in Indianapolis, Chicago, London, Sydney, and beyond.

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