AGB OnBoard Public Posting

Efficiently Post Meeting Agendas and Materials for Public Viewing

AGB OnBoard Public Posting immediately creates a public URL for you to share with the board, the public, and the media – anyone who needs to know what is being discussed in your public meeting and when. Public bodies can seamlessly share their meeting notice, agenda and all accompanying materials online for all stakeholders to review. It’s a perfect way for public bodies to go above and beyond, provide transparency, and garner the public’s trust.

Share Your Meeting Materials with Public Stakeholders

With a simple click, administrators can publish meeting content for public viewing. This public page can host all board and committee meeting content.  You can segment by each board or committee so the public can easily find the meeting they’re looking for. The only thing you need to do is place a link on your website to your AGB OnBoard public page.

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Reduce Reliance on Other Departments

We get it – late reports are a fact of life and last-minute changes to documents  happen after the board book was already published. Don’t compound the frustration by having to rely on another department to publish the changes. Public Posting improves efficiency and eliminates the need for IT involvement by enabling each stakeholder to publish and update the meeting materials they are responsible for.

Browse All Meetings with a Single URL

Public Posting provides your team a single URL to share with your members and the public that contains a complete record of past and future meetings. You have control over every document, section, and item you make public. And if you still need to pass out paper copies before the public meeting starts, printing capabilities are built right into AGB OnBoard. 

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Let's Start a Conversation

AGB OnBoard provides trustees and leaders to be more efficient, secure, and strategic for meetings. It’s how leading universities prepare and partner together even in-between meetings.